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Why GitHub Profile Should Awesome ?

Why GitHub Profile Should Awesome ?

How to Make An Awesome GitHub Profile ?

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·Apr 4, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • Why GitHub Profile Should Awesome ?
  • How to Make An Awesome GitHub Profile ?

Hello Devs,
Hope this will be a helpful article for all, to make your GitHub Profile awesome. As we know that, while working in open source the most important thing is the Proof of your contribution is most important for the contributor or developer.

And in the world of Open-Source the GitHub is Leading the Git Project with World Global Ranking of 2nd Position. If You don't know what is git so briefly git is an Version Control system which tracks and maintains the contributions, issues and versions of source codes.

Click Here to Know More About Git & GitHub

Why GitHub Profile Should Awesome ?

GitHub is the most commonly used platform among developers so you have a chance to get recognized by them.on the other hand, you will definitely get the recruiters attention as well if you have a Awsome GitHub Profile.

Also, it is much easier to keep your CV up-to-date. If you want to mention personal projects you can just simply link your GitHub account. mostly recruiters are familiar with the platform.

If you are not sure how your GitHub Profile represents your knowledge you can use Proof of work sites to showcase your work from different platforms.( By Yogini Bende ) They can help you to see clearer how a hiring manager or recruiter would see you.

How to Make An Awesome GitHub Profile ?

So we know that what a normal Github Profile Contains Contribution Graph, Activities with a Customiseable Markdown File, For Creating our Github Profile Awesome will Modify the Markdown File as we want.

What a GitHub Profile Readme Should Contain ?

  • A Header Image
  • Social Handel Or Links
  • Articles Or Posts
  • Testimonials
  • Skills
  • Projects
  • About us
  • Contact Methods
  • Achievements
  • Video Tutorials

    You can do add a lot of things in the markdown which you want, Emojis and Animated GIFs too. so above points are just an example that what exactly you should add in the Readme don't forgot to follow the Markdown Guide.

Here's My Github Profile github.com_codersalman (2).png

If you want Inspiration for a Github Profile Please Check out this @eddiejaoude's EddieHub Community Awesome-github-profiles Repository which contains Awesome Profiles [

Hers's One More Example of an Awesome Github Profile github.com_eddiejaoude.png

Hope this article is helpful for you ! I tried to cover all thing about an awesome github profile.

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